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We Sale all variations of Walnuts, Organic Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pine Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Nuts flour & Meals - Wholesale Ireland

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Country of origin: Romania, Ukraine

Specifications: Light halves, Quarters, Pieces, Meal, Amber, 

including BIO category, organic walnuts 

Packing:  2x5kg vacuum/carton box, also by customer request.

Quantities available: Min 1 pallet 700kg


Country of origin: Georgia/Turkey

Specifications: Natural hazelnuts, Blanched hazelnuts,

Hazelnut pieces and Hazelnuts in shell. 

Packing: 2x10kg vacuum/carton box, 25 kg PP bags

Quantities available: Min 1 pallet 700kg

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Country of origin: USA       

Tipes: California almond, Ground almond, Almonf flour, Flaked almond, Blanched almond

Packing:  10-12.5kg boxes also by customer request

Quantities available: Min 1 pallet 675kg

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Quality: We ensure the highest quality in terms of Food safety. 

Our nuts has ISSO/ISO/BIO/BRC certificates and all related microbiological laboratory investigations

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